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At KDS we only use what has been tried and tested by us, with our own hands!

After many years of research on a trial and error basis using our own vehicles, we have found that certain waxes and treatments, suit different types of paint and colour, from solids to metallics to pearls, light or dark, old or new, we have the knowledge and experience to know what best suits not only your cars needs, but also your own.

Below we have listed a range of the products that we use on all our car detailing projects, some are even imported from over the pond in the US. We are always in search of the best products, techniques and methods, to ensure that your vehicle always has the best finish possible, and above all - lasting protection and shine.

Products (which can also be bought from KDS) range from P21s, Zaino, Meguires, Klass, Car Lack, DoDo Juice, Chemical Guys, 3M, Collinite, Sonus products, buckets, Microfibre Mitts, shampoo's, Carnuba Waxes, Synthetic polishes, Interior cleaners, trim cleaners, tyre shine, sponges, microfibre clothes - the list goes on and on - Please ask for more info!

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Chemical Guys
KW Suspension

Dodo Juice

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