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Servicing and Mechanical

Guide prices...

All prices are +VAT

Oil change service: from £79
Intermediate service: from £99
Full inspection service: from £149

MOT test: £45
MOT repairs: P.O.A.

Electronic / engine diagnostics:
from £49
Brake pad replacement:
from £79 per axle
Brake pad and disc replacement:
from £129 per axle
Cam belt replacement:
from £99
Clutch replacement:
from £199

In addition to our bodywork services, we can undertake all servicing and mechanical work here at KDS. We have a full range of up to date, fully subscribed diagnostics systems and as you can see from our facilities page our workshop can comfortably accommodate anything from a Lotus Elise to a Rolls Royce Phantom!

We are able to:
reset service reminders, read diagnostic trouble codes, clear diagnostic trouble codes, turn off check engine light, turn off airbag light...

On systems such as:
DME, Airbag, ABS, Heating and more...

All cars are different so prices can vary; please contact us for a detailed quotation.
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer warranty repairs.


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